ISU Honors a Long-Standing Supporter – Prof Rene Oosterlinck

A number of people have been very important in the development of the International Space University (ISU). One of them is Prof. R. Oosterlinck, who followed the ISU birth and growth now over 30 years. He gave remarkable contributions.

As a teacher, chairman of several governing bodies, and a strong supporter when being responsible for Education at the European Space Agency (ESA). This is not a surprise if one considers his multidisciplinary background as an engineer, lawyer and economist. One could even add to that his interest in the Japanese and Chinese languages which he masters well, also reflected in a study on the political ideas of Confucianism.

In view of this, he received on 24 October 2018 the honorary doctorate degree at ISU at a ceremony held in ISU, his obvious preference for this event, in the presence of a large number of members of the present Board of Trustees, staff of ISU and students.

A laudation was given by Dr. C. Sallaberger, Chairman of the Board, including some personal anecdotes. Afterwards he received the certificate which was signed by Dr. Sallaberger and Prof. W. Peeters, who was at the time of signature president of ISU before handing over to the new president, J. de Dalmau.

In his speech, Prof. Oosterlinck stressed the fact that the space world was now undergoing very historical changes and, as he called it, paradigm shifts, in the field of launcher concepts and smaller satellites. He urged again ISU to make sure that the curricula were constantly adapted to this change.

It illustrates again that for all of those inked with ISU ‘we are living in interesting times’….