ISU Alumni well represented in the CSA Astronaut Selection Process

The Canadian Space Agency is presently in the process of recruiting two new candidate-astronauts. Amongst the over 3000 candidates, many are alumni of ISU. This illustrates again the strong relation between ISU and CSA and the mutual benefit thereof.

Recently, CBC interviewed seven applicants, not less than five of them being ISU alumni! There is therefore good hope that ISU will have the pleasure, after alumna Jessica Meier, to have another astronaut candidate emerging from the growing ISU family.

From the candidates interviewed (Full article available HERE), we notice:

pandyaShawna Pandya, MSS07

After her MSS studies, Shawna obtained an MD degree and is strongly involved, in parallel with her profession as medical resident, in several space medicine related projects.

meraliTahir Merali (SSP08 and MSM09)

Tahir, after obtaining his master degree at ISU, was active in astronaut training activities and collaborated with Canadian astronauts to fly two life science experiments on the International Space Station.

radulescuAndreea Radulescu (MSS07)

Besides her activities as a business analyst, Andrea kept involvement in several space activities such as Mars One and the Project Possum; she is also certified for suborbital space sciences from the NASTAR Center.

lehnhardtKris Lehnhardt (SSP08)

Kris is Assistant professor at George Washington University in emergency and aerospace medicine, and aviation medical examiner for the FAA. He is presently at SSP16 in Haifa serving as the chair of the Human Performance in Space department at ISU.
rogersDamian Rogers (MSS05)

After his master degree at ISU, Damian obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering and worked on projects for the Canadian Space Agency and MDA, where he helped develop and test a shower for use in zero gravity.

ISU wishes all of the alumni, candidates for the CSA astronaut corps, lots of success and hopes soon to be able to announce their confirmed selection!