International Space University Alumna becomes Minister of Finance

The International Space University is proud to announce that an ISU alumna, Ms Dana Reizniece Ozola, after having fulfilled several positions at government level in Latvia, has now been appointed in the new Latvian Government as Minister of Finance.

In addition to this she is also appointed as governor at the European Investment Bank (EIB) as Governor for the Republic of Latvia.

After studying international business and law, she obtained a Master’s degree in Translation.  Ms. Reizniece then became Head of the Ventspils High Technology Park and in that capacity became familiar with amongst others space technology and smallsats. This lead to her contact with the International Space University via an EC contract (NordicBaltSat) and her interest in complementing her knowledge in space activities. After excellent studies at ISU she earned the ISU Master degree in business administration.

It is impossible to mention her without referring to her talent in … chess competition. She has the title of Grandmaster in this discipline and was European Junior Chess Champion and World Junior Chess Champion in this discipline.

It goes without saying that ISU is very proud of her as an alumna and wishes her a lot of success in this new challenging assignment.

Photo credits: Website of the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council 2015