Happy 30th Birthday International Space University !

Today, on 12 April 2017, ISU started its 30th birthday year. Indeed. With 12 April 1961 as the date of the first human in space (Yuri Gagarin) and 12 April 1981 with the first Shuttle flight (Columbia), we can add 12 April 1987 as another important milestone in the short space history, namely the creation of the International Space University (ISU) by its founders Peter Diamandis, Todd Hawley and Bob Richards!

A number of events are planned during this year both at the Space Studies Program (SSP) in Cork, Ireland, including the alumni conference as well as in Strasbourg. However, the day itself had to be celebrated in ISU!

A glass of Yuri Gagarin’s preferred vodka was offered by the President of ISU for the traditional toast. In order to continue the tradition initiated by the highly regretted late Prof. Tolyarenko, the students were introduced by the ISU president Walter Peeters in a number of space toast rituals, based upon his long periods of stay in Russia.

The Master of Space Studies (MSS17) participants and staff were acquainted with a very traditional ‘on skazal, pajechaly’ toast (‘he said, lets go!’’) which is a reference to the famous saying of Yuri Gagarin at the moment of the Vostok 1 start in Baikonour on 12 April 1961.
Evidently, a traditional cake was an obligatory part of such event.

ISU30 2

As a reminder, the achievements of ISU and part of its history are summarized in this short note.

Memories of 12 April 2017 at ISU central campus.

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