Events Calendar

Please find here the upcoming courses and events offered by ISU, and those with strong ISU presence.


14 January- 15 February: Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program - Adelaide, Australia

4-7 February: SmallSat Symposium - Mountain View, CA, USA

13 February: Lunar Exploration Renaissance conference - Brussels, Belgium

14 February: Alumni Gathering and Closing events of the SHSSP Program - Adelaide, Australia

23-24 February: SpaceUp ISU - ISU Central Campus, Strasbourg, France

2-3 March: UKSEDS Conference - Edinburgh, UK

8-11 April: National Space Symposium - Colorado Springs, USA

08-12 April: ISU Executive Space Course - ISU Central Campus, Strasbourg, France

24-26 April: Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries - Marrakech, Morocco

14-19 May: Disrupt Space Summit - Beijing, China

31-23 June: Paris Air Show - Paris, France

24 June - 23 August: ISU Space Studies Program - ISU Central Campus, Strasbourg, France

26-28 July: ISU Alumni Conference - ISU Central Campus, Strasbourg, France (This will be an opportunity for some special anniversary reunions: 30 years of SSP 89, 20 years of MSS 99, 25 years of SSP 94, 10 years of MSS 09, and more!)

5 September: ISU Master of Space Studies - ISU Central Campus, Strasbourg, France

30 September - 04 October: ISU Executive Space Course - Seattle, USA



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