Dava Newman confirmed as NASA Deputy Administrator

The U.S. Senate voted unanimously on 27th April 2015 to confirm Dr. Dava Newman as NASA’s deputy administrator, more than six months after the ISU lecturer was proposed to the post.

She fills the vacancy that was left open after another person very close to ISU, Lori Garver, left this post in NASA.

Dr. Newman was involved with ISU from the start. She was a member of the ISU 1987 Founding Conference Executive Board. She also served as an ISU faculty member and lecturer at several occasions. She obtained graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Technology and Policy and was awarded a PhD in Biomedicine Engineering, all at MIT. She is at present Apollo Professor of Astronautics and Engineering Systems and Director of the Technology and Policy program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and director of the technology and policy program. Prior to the nomination, Newman was best known for her spaceflight research, including development of advanced spacesuit/bio-suit concepts (as such also often referred to as the star fashion designer). She served on the technical panel that supported the National Research Council’s Committee on Human Spaceflight during its work on a report completed last year outlining several “pathways” for future human space exploration.

Her involvement with MIT Portugal also underlines her international vocation.

ISU president Walter Peeters comments:  ”The Space Studies Program participants of the early 90s will remember Dava for her outstanding energy and skills as an educator.  Yet another exceptional ISU lecturer at the head of the leading agency in the space sector, we are proud to have such excellent educator with ISU experience in this high position and congratulate her with this nomination!”