Consular Corps Association Visits ISU and MSS17 Participants

The International Space University’s MSS17 class was recently granted with a special diplomatic visit. Consuls and honorary consuls of 15 countries, all members of the Consular Corps Association (CCA) of Strasbourg made their way to ISU’s Central Campus to meet with the MSS17 participants and learn more about ISU.

This meeting proved to be very constructive in advancing the primary goal of the consulates and ISU: an academic, business & cultural cooperation.
ISU president prof. Walter Peeters welcomed those excellencies, in the Cosmos auditorium where he introduced all of them to ISU and the 3 I’s. Consuls were impressed to hear that a high percentage, more than 75%, of freshly graduated MSS participants find a job in the space sector.  ISU MSS director, prof. Chris Welch then exposed the group to some facts about space and explained what space is good for. The highlight of the tour of the building consisted in the discovery of the Almaz capsule and the self-deployable habitat for extreme environment, SHEE. Prof. Barnaby Osborne in charge of SHEE at ISU was submerged by an eclectic range of questions related to this project funded by the European Commission. Which is also a fine spot for more pictures!

A lunch reception was held in the Pioneer’s Hall, gathering all consuls, MSS17 participants, ISU faculty and staff. It was the perfect opportunity for students to meet the representative of their country and further engage with him or her.  The honorary consul of the Netherlands looks forward to the Space Studies Program SSP18 taking place in “his” country.  His excellency representing Israel did not miss to share his SSP experience and give him some advice!
The dean of the CCA, the consul of Algeria together with the consul of the USA concluded this visit by thanking president Peeters and all for their welcome and contribution to the space sector.

Countries represented included, Algeria, China, USA, Israel, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Philippines, Peru, Tunisia, Serbia, Sweden, Tchad, Germany, Bresil. Potential collaborations will arise with countries that ISU is currently not so familiar with. And former or dormant collaborations will no doubt be re-activated, the Consul of Japan is hopeful that Japanese participants will again be part of future MSS programs, in the true spirit of ISU.

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