Congratulations to MSS12 Alumni Jeroen Cappaert!

ISU is very pleased to congratulate MSS12 alumni Jeroen Cappaert on his selection by US business magazine Forbes for its 30 Under 30 list of the ‘brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents’ in Science in 2016.

Jeroen is Lead Payload Engineer and Co-Founder of Spire Global (originally Nanosatisfi), a company that he set up with two MSS12 classmates - Peter Platzer (CEO) and Joel Spark (Lead Engineer) – while they were on their internships.

After crowdfunding their first CubeSat and graduating from the MSS, they established their start-up in the Lemnos Labs innovation incubator in San Francisco. In 2014 the company raised US$ 25 million of investment, followed by another US$ 40 million in 2015.

Spire describes itself as a ‘satellite-powered data company that tackles business challenges with data solutions for organizations’ and has offices in the USA and Singapore and its CubeSat manufacturing facilities in Scotland.

Watch the video!