Changes in the composition of ISU’s Academic Council

The term of two members at the ISU Academic Council (AC) expired and therefore elections were organized under the leadership of the present AC Chairperson, Su-Yin Tan, and following the streamlined procedure.

This year's process was again managed very diligently by ISU staff Member Didier Guillaume.

As a result of this election process:

- The term of Su-Yin Tan was extended with a second term as member,
- A new AC member, Angie Bukley was elected.            

This also means that a highly esteemed AC Member, John Logsdon, will not be formal member after expiration of his terms but will no doubt continue to give continued advice and counsel to ISU.

At this point in time, ISU thanks John a lot for his valuable contribution and service as an elected member of the AC.  As an ISU Faculty member, your continued advice and counsel to the AC is always welcome, appreciated, and encouraged.

As such, the composition of the Academic Council is presently:

Su-Yin Tan, Chairperson
Juan de Dalmau, Vice-Chairperson
Angie Bukley, Member
Carol Carnett, Member
Adil Jafry, Member
Gary Martin, Member
Lucy Stojak, Member
Vasilis Zervos, Member
Olga Zhdanovich, Member

We note with pleasure, in line with ISU’s continuing policy, an improved gender distribution in the Academic Council!
Elections for the chairpersons are now being organized.

ISU is very pleased with this experienced advisory group and is looking forward to collaborate with the AC Team!