CASC Donates a Model of Long March 5 to ISU’s Pioneers Hall

When Prof. Yuan Jie, representative of CASC in the ISU Board of Trustees (BOT), did a tour of the ISU building one year ago, he saw the 1:20 scale models of launchers.  He immediately expressed his opinion that a model of a Chinese rocket was missing.

And indeed, at the present BOT meeting of the International Space University, Yuan Jie surprised ISU. He and his organization, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) had organized a model of the currently most powerful Chinese rocket, Long March 5.

The model was handed over to the president of ISU, Prof. Walter Peeters, on 28 February 2018, in the presence of the BOT members and MSS students. And was given a prominent place in the Pioneers Hall.

During his talk, Prof. Jie explained that Long March 5 is presently the strongest Chinese rocket. It is scheduled to launch the three modules of the next Chinese Space Station (scheduled to be operational by 2022), as well as a Moon sample return mission, planning to bring back 2 kg of Moon material to Earth.

Long March 5 is also referred to as LM-5, CZ-5, or Changzheng 5 and had its maiden flight on 3 November 2016. It is a heavy lift system with a capacity similar to Delta IV Heavy, enabling to bring a payload up, to 14 tons in GTO.

It is the predecessor of LM-9, the future launch system presently under development in China.