Carol Carnett and the ISU SSP17 Space English Access Course SEAC

How would you feel if one person believed in you so much that they would do everything in power to help you to succeed?  That very person exists and is a part of the International Space University’s Space English Access Course (SEAC).

“I am in total awe of these guys; you never know who’s going to come into your session.”  SEAC Lead, Carol Carnett has over eleven years of experience helping non-native English speakers with their language whilst attending The International Space University Space Studies Program (SSP).  “What we’re trying to do is help people practice, to give them an opportunity” and, this all started because of an informal group that was created many years ago to help people use English.  

These days, the course is a lot more structured. And, right now in Cork, Ireland, 18 students have been attending the SEAC program.  SEAC is a one-week structured but intimate English immersion program that runs a week before the actual SSP.  It is designed to help English as a second language participants become more confident but also understand what they’re learning within the program.  

Carol and SEAC Assistant Anderson Liew, have created a fun and low-key class that maximizes confidence of the students through a structured classroom that also aids in team building.  It’s a positive environment.  As Carol says, “I want to give them some tools to reduce the stress and give them some confidence”. And the great thing about it, there’s no pressure.  The atmosphere that Carol creates gives non-English speakers a chance to stretch their verbal legs.  

Then, after the 36 hours of English immersion, that’s when the Space Studies Program begins. That doesn't mean SEAC stops.  Carol runs her course along with her many assistants during SSP as a support system to any participant that feels they can benefit from a little extra help with the English language.  As Carol explains, “I cover what’s been covered by the lecturers” because Carol and her team are in the lecture halls with her students every day. The students will always have the support whenever they need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about ISU’s SEAC program at SSP, click HERE.

Preparations for SSP18 SEAC in the Netherlands are already underway!