Association of Space Explorers awards a scholarship to an ISU SSP17 participant

As it is now becoming a tradition, the Board of Directors of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) has selected a participant of the International Space University’s (ISU) Space Studies Program SSP17 to receive their yearly scholarship award.

With this scholarship ASE is supporting   a young professional with clear interests shown in the field of astronautics to attend ISU’s Space Studies Program.

This year the award was given to Beth Healey. After studies in Physiology, Beth obtained her degree as medical doctor, specializing in conflict and catastrophe medicine. She was involved as medical specialist in several expeditions. At present she is a participant in ISU’s Space Studies Program (SSP) in Cork, Ireland.

The ASE selection committee gave the following rational for the choice:

“Ms. Beth Healey has shown remarkable motivation and energy in the Antarctic Overwinter Campaign at Concordia. Through her research this outpost in isolation and darkness can be seen as a true analogue to space, helping future space farers to better cope with the adversities of their journey.”

On behalf of the Committee, Dr. Reinhold Ewald added:

“I am convinced that this is a worthy continuation of the joint efforts of ASE and ISU to promote the beneficial potential of space also in its effect on the inspiration and curiosity of a young generation of space researchers and professionals.”

The occasion of the astronaut panel at SSP17 was taken to officially congratulate the award winner in the presence of four ASE member astronauts Dan Tani, Nicole Stott, Bob Thirsk and Soyeon Yi.

ASE is the only professional organization of flown astronauts promoting the beneficial use of space in research, science, and outreach to inspire a young generation of future explorers. Its membership represents over three quarters of all space experienced individuals worldwide.

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