ASD EUROSPACE & ESA Headquarters Visit by ISU MSS17 Participants

Siddharth Kumar Narendra Shihora a Master of Space Studies MSS17 participants of the International Space University (ISU) outlines a recent professional visit to ASD Eurospace and ESA headquarters.

esa2“Our Professional visit to Paris begins at ASD Eurospace, a not for profit organisation dedicated to develop and promote space activities in Europe.  Whilst highlighting the core issues and problems associated with the space industry. We were delivered with a presentation that portrayed the true value of the global space industry.  The session proved to be extremely handy with regards to gaining valuable data from reliable sources and analyzing the data in both monetary and non –monetary terms. Lastly, the visit to ASD Eurospace fostered the notion of using and interpreting information from a multi-dimensional point of view rather than focusing solely on the industry’s financial aspects.

The second phase of our visit was at the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters in Paris. This part of the visit proved to be highly motivational, as it was seen to be an opportunity to view the heart of the European space industry. The visit incorporated two sessions, where the first session focused on ESA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) followed by a session on using and interpreting satellite data to monitor and enhance the energy sector.

Overall, the visit was extremely exciting and provided our group with valuable insights into the space industry of Europe.”