And more International Astronautical Federation awards for ISU Alumni!

“Go team ISU”, those were the words of Prof. Chris Welch, ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS) director upon the announcement of some of this year’s IAF awards!

2016 Young Space Leaders Recognition Programme (YSL) winners

The YSL Recognition Programme is targeted at exceptional students and young professionals who demonstrate leadership in their academic or early careers.

iaf1Of the five awardees, two are ISU alumni:

• Jessica Culler MSS06
• Victoria Alonsoperez SSP11

They will receive their awards at the International Astronautical Congress, IAC2016.


2016 IAF Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) Grant winners

Out of the fourteen young people that have been selected to participate in the 2016 IAF ESL Programme, five awardees are ISU alumni:

• Michaela Musilova SSP15
• Yuval Brodsky MSM10
• Sinead O’Sullivan SSP13
• Marta Rocha de Oliveira SSP15/MSS16
• Lisa Stojanovski SH-SSP16


This comes on top of the selection of Sinead O’Sullivan and of Kyle Acierno as speakers in the IAC2016 Next Generation Plenary.

The efforts of more fair gender distribution in ISU are also very noticeable from these ISU related nominations, showing again the strong ISU impact in this area.

More information about the above nominations can be found HERE.

The International Astronautical Federation is an international space advocacy organization founded in 1951 to establish a dialogue between scientists around the world and to lay the information for international space cooperation.

ISU has been an active member for several decades and will this year again take part in IAC2016, Guadelajara, Mexico to congratulate the ISU IAF award winners!