Analog Job Interviews by HE Space to train ISU Students

HE Space recruiters recently supported 20 Master of Space Studies (MSS) students from the International Space University (ISU), over two days, in launching their career. Leandros Foteinias, Recruiter, and Karina Specht, Head of Recruitment at HE Space led this analog mission.

Students were put in contact with several recruiters, amongst others, senior HE Space recruiter Kirsten Gibbs hereby featured, who have a long experience in hiring for the space industry. They exchanged on CV screening, interview coaching and career advice. Several students who took part in those sessions report back.

“I was put in the situation of an applicant facing a recruiter. She asked me questions on my academic background, my previous internship experiences and my motivation.  She gave me tips on how to improve my CV. I’ve been given constructive feedback, it was really helpful.” Informs MSS18 student Nicolas Brechenmacher.

“The recruiter gave me some suggestions about my carrier goals and my resume. We also spoke about my past experiences, my current activities at ISU, my planned internship at ESTEC and possible future work opportunities after the internship period.” Reports MSS18 student Antonio Caiazzo.

HE Space is a privately-owned company started by ISU SSP93 alumnae Claudia Kessler. It is operating internationally with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. It co-founded associations such as Women in Aerospace Europe. Claudia Kessler and HE Space also launched the "Astronautin" campaign in 2016 which aims to bring her first German woman into space.

These mock-interviews are just one example of the long-lasting, well-functioning collaboration between HE Space and ISU.
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Photo credit: HE Space