A “Pint of Science” for ISU Master of Space Studies MSS16 student

A team of space enthusiasts met in Lille, France, on 23rd May 2016 for the second edition of Pint of Science on the topic « Tomorrow, everybody on Mars? ».

The Pint of Science festival brings some of the most brilliant scientists to local pubs to discuss their latest research and findings with you.

At this occasion, Pierre Denise, specialist of Human Performance in Space, Alain Souchier, president of the French chapter of the Mars Society, and Paul Wohrer, ISU MSS16 student, dealt with the topic of the colonization of Mars.

Sitting around tables, the public asked direct questions on several topics such as terraforming, living on Mars and why go to Mars.

This is also the chance to meet the people responsible for the future of science.

This event marked a step forward in ISU’s goal of raising awareness on space projects and the potential of human exploration and expansion.