sun2Mr. Gongling Sun
Visiting Professor

Born in 1963 in China, Mr. Sun studied applied mathematics in Zhejiang University from 1981 to 1985, and he continued his graduated studies of space engineering in Beihang University in Beijing, China. To catch the path of his curiosity and career development, he participated different courses or training programs such as international finance and trade (1990-1992), space business and management (ISU SSP 98), and space project management (Moscow Aviation Institute 1994).
He worked for China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (1988-1993) as software engineer, system engineer for launcher development, and then he worked as program manager of satellite launch services for Intelsat.
In 1994, he was selected by the newly founded China Manned Space Engineering Office (1993-2000) and worked as technical assistant for 8 years to General Designer of China Human Space for system coordination and leading the RDV R&D as well.
Since 2000, he served for 9 years as Managing Director of EurasSpace GmbH, a joint-venture of EADS with CASC, based in Munich, Germany. After a short return to China, he was appointed as Corporate Chief Presentative of CASC Europe Office based in Paris and served there for 7 years.