SpaceBox-How to use

ISU has set it's own online storage system, we named it SpaceBox. SpaceBox is an easy to use method of exchanging files amongst the ISU Community. It enables us to securely access, upload and organize documents from anywhere on our web site.


Associated to the tool, you can use 3 client products :

The Dropbox app : DropBox is a small, lightweight, desktop tool that allows you to transfer files from your computer to your FileRun account, without using a browser. It can be used as an alternative to FileRun's Drag&Drop browser based upload tool, for uploading files of unlimited sizes.

The Sync app : FileRun Sync is a desktop tool that allows you to synchronize folders on your FileRun account with folders on your computer.

The HotFolder App : A hot folder (sometimes called a watch folder) is a directory that is setup to be a staging or queue for applications to put data in and take data from, in real-time.

Even easier, you van access the your remote workspace as if it was a disk:As an alternative to the web browser, SpaceBox can be also accessed with a standards-compliant WebDAV application. This can be useful for managing the remote files as they were folders on the local computer. Read more...

More about the used product is available here.

Enjoy !

Joel Herrmann
CNS Manager