ISU joins the Transnational Giving Network

transnationalTransnational Giving Europe (TGE) covers 16 countries and is at European level the only existing practical solution to support a beneficiary located in a foreign country with all the tax advantages in the country of residence of the donor. Donors can give their gifts to the national TGE partner that will transfer the gift to the foreign beneficiary and provide all the national fiscal advantages to the donor (income tax deductibility). Thanks to TGE, ISU can ensure income tax deductible gifts for their foreign donors and launch tax efficient fundraising campaigns in other TGE countries. The list of the associated organizations is depicted below, and more info can be found under:

As far as the ISU modalities are concerned:

- All donations to ISU via these organizations will lead to the receipt of a statement which, in accordance with the regulations in your country, can lead to tax deductions.
For further information on the applicable rules per country, click HERE.

- In order to benefit from this, the relevant procedure and reference number to be used will be given to you by the ISU administration via email.

All of ISU’s fundraising campaigns including the Annual Scholarship Campaign, Buy a Seat, the Morla Milne Fund are eligible and donations can be made via a TGE partner.