201204/06/2012 - 03/08/2012
Host Institution: Florida Institute of Technology & NASA Kennedy Space Center
134 participants from 29 countries
Team Projects:
TP Space Debris
TP Spaceports: Operations and Service Infrastructure for Space (OASIS)
TP STEM: Space, One Giant Leap for Education
TP Next Generation Space Stations: Beyond LEO Into the Solar System (BLISS)

201111/07/2011 - 09/09/2011
Host Institution: Graz University of Technology
119 participants from 21 countries
Team Projects:
Small Satellites: Go SSP
Human Robotic Co-operation: CHARM
Fresh Water: H2OPE

2010 228/06/2010 - 27/08/2010
Host Institution: International Space University
121 participants from 29 countries
Team Projects:
Astra: ASteroid mining Technology Roadmap & Applications
RE-FOCUS: Respect Earth - Future Opportunity in Carbon Understanding and Sustainability

200929/06/2009 - 28/08/2009
Host Institutions: NASA AMES Research Centre
131 participants from 35 countries
Team Projects:
ACCESS Mars: Assessing Cave Capabilities Establishing Specific Solutions
SAFEN EARTH: Space Aid for Energy Needs on Earth
DREAM: Disaster Risk Evaluation and Management
View some SSP pictures on the NASA website

201324/06/2013 - 23/08/2013
Host Institution: International Space University
100 participants from 24 countries
Team Projects:
TP Solar Max
TP Koastal

200830/06/2008 - 29/08/2008
Host Institutions: UPC Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, BAIE Barcelona Aeronautics & Space Association
112 students from 27 countries
Team Projects:
TP Volcano (VAPOR): Use of Space Technologies for Monitoring Volcano Hazards
TP Spaceports (FuturIST): The Necessary Infrastructure for a Private Spaceflight
TP Lunar X-Prize (Noumenia): Return to the Moon in a New Way