On 29 April 2016, the local government of the ‘Grand Est’* has given the mandate to the President of the Eurometropole to conclude a new rental agreement with ISU for its central campus in Strasbourg.

This agreement foresees also the building of a second accommodation next to ISU to house the growing engineering school, ENSIIE, now collocated with ISU. This will open extensive space for ISU activities in the field of research and start-ups of alumni.


At the same time, in an increasingly global space sector, expansion of ISU affiliated institutes has been proposed to the BOT. A logic starting point is the affiliation with a US based Institute.

In corporation with the Heinlein Trust, first interest was evaluated from different consortia in USA, in order to establish the THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY’S ROBERT A. HEINLEIN INSTITUTEOR SPACE ENTREPRENEURSHIP & SPACE INNOVATION.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm shown, the ISU Board of Trustees unanimously asked the Executive to compile an RFP (Request For Proposal) to the various proponents which showed interest. Evidently this proposal is also open to other consortia than the six which indicated early interest, and can be downloaded HERE.

The proposals will be evaluated, in line with SSP host site proposals, in accordance with the criteria outlined in the document and submitted to the next BOT. The formal start of the Institute is planned for 1 January 2017.

It goes without saying that this is an important first step of the ISU expansion plans, which will be hopefully followed later by other Institutes at different continents.


* New name of the French department grouping Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne