Venez décrocher la Lune à l’ISU le dimanche 25 mars 2018 de 11.00 à 17.00 !  La journée Portes Ouvertes de l’Université Internationale de l’Espace (ISU) aura lieu le dimanche 25 mars 2018 de 11.00 à 17.00, sur le campus central de l’ISU, Parc d’Innovation, Illkirch Graffenstaden.

The International Space University (ISU) in association with the Engineering and Architectural schools based in Strasbourg hosted 35 students to participate in the Moon Village workshop from 5th to 9th February 2018 at ISU. Danijela Stupar ISU Research Associate and Hameed Mohamed ISU Teaching Associate report back!

What really happened at that ISU MSS18 Robotics Competition you’ve heard so much about related by Rishank Singh, a Master of Space Studies (MSS18) participant…

Andrew Butler, an SH-SSP16 alumnus and teaching associate for the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP18) organized by the International Space University and the University of South Australia is launching the SH-SSP18 blog. Read on!

And - Allow 60 students from emerging countries to attend SH-SSP,
Allow 50 students from emerging countries to attend SSP,
Allow 40 students from emerging countries to attend MSS..

Master of Space Studies (MSS18) participant Rami Ibrahim reports back on a recent professional visit of the entire International Space University (ISU) MSS18 class to SES Satellites in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

ISU will soon be closing the hatch on 2017! A year full of festivities celebrating ISU’s 30th anniversary!
Which started on 12th April 2017 at ISU central campus…

This year again a large number of faculty applied to be a chair of either the core lectures, departments or team projects, all of which compose the two-month Space Studies Program (SSP).

Professor Hill has been working with Professor K.P.J. Reddy of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. 

The Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP) opened in Adelaide! It is one of the success stories of Australia’s involvement in the international space sector.

The latest edition of SPACETALK TNG, the magazine designed and edited by alumni for all International Space University alumni is available now!