Papers presented at conferences, symposia, etc.

“Guarding the Guards: Enhancing LNS Performance for Common Applications”, M. Arnold, E. Chester, J. Cowles, 27th IEEE Conference on Application Specific Architectures and Processors, London, UK, 6-8 July 2016
“SLIP: Space Logarithmic Information Processor”, CEOI-ST Conference, Farnborough, UK, Jan. 2017
“Mars and the UK: yesterday and tomorrow”, IET, London, Oct 2015
“Exploration of the Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing Design Space”, M. Sorgenfrei, E. Chester, Planet Mars IV, France, Oct. 2013
“Exploration of the Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing Design Space by Means of a Genetic Algorithm”, M. Sorgenfrei, E. Chester, AIAA InfoTech, Boston MA, USA, August 2013
“Mission systems engineering: Challenges and motivation”; IET; April 2013
“Refinements to a Parametric Entry, Descent, and Landing Design Tool for Mars Exploration”, M. Sorgenfrei, E. Chester, 9th International Planetary Probe Workshop, Toulouse, France, June 2012
"PEDALS: Parametric Entry Descent and Landing Synthesis", E. Chester, J. Graciano, S. Vilardaga, 8th International Planetary Probe Workshop, Portsmouth VA, USA, 6-10 June 2011