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Each year ISU receives hundreds of applications from potential participants and students from all over the world. For example, in 2012 there were some 750 applicants for the SSP program and 700 for the masters programs! Even if, admittedly, not all of them were completing their full application records, ISU still must regrettably disappoint many space enthusiasts due to the lack of scholarship funding available.

Many of the present alumni, who had to struggle years ago to collect scholarship funding, certainly will remember these days, but being an ISU alumni now means that they made it. Many others, mainly from lower income or developing countries, did not succeed in finding the resources required and unfortunately saw the ISU path to a career in the space sector blocked.


We therefore appeal to all ISU alumni and supporters to remedy this situation. Help us to help others who need it! Give them a chance to develop their talents and attend one of the ISU programs to kick-start their careers…


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When you provide such a donation, we will make sure it is remembered in perpetuity.  As a token of our appreciation we will affix a commemorative plaque on the seat of your choice in one of the auditoria at ISU. We have on purpose divided the auditoria in different zones with different price-tags, in order to allow all to participate to this initiative in function of their possibilities.



Click on the relevant sketch and book your seat now! Generations of future alumni sitting in ‘your’ chair will know that you have supported them and will be grateful for the chance you have offered them.

I thank you for participating on their behalf.


Walter Peeters
ISU President


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