Committee on Academic Appointment, Review & Evaluation (CARE)


The CARE makes recommendations on all issues regarding appointment, performance, evaluation, and advancement of Resident Faculty members and title assignment at recruitment. It also makes recommendations on the appointment or dismissal, performance, evaluation, and titles of ISU Faculty.

The Dean, the Chair of the Academic Council, and the Chair of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Board of Trustees jointly nominate the Chair of CARE. The Chair is appointed for a period of three years by the President of ISU and reports to the President of ISU.

This Committee is established by the Dean and includes members selected from the Faculty of ISU who hold the rank of Full Professor and individuals from external organizations who hold the rank of Full Professor or the equivalent. Members of CARE should be internationally known individuals highly regarded within their discipline.

Resident ISU Full Professors are de facto members of this Committee. In order to provide continuity with academic committees of the university, the Chairs of the Academic Council and the Academic Advisory Committee of the Board of Trustees will be ex-officio (non-voting) members, if not already members in their own right.

The Committee shall consist of at least 7 (seven) and not more than 11 (eleven) members. The members of this Committee serve for three years. This mandate can be renewed for one additional term. CARE membership is reviewed annually.

The Chair of the CARE may invite other members to join the Committee on an ad hoc basis for their particular expertise.

The current membership of the CARE is reflected in the list below.

CARE Membership Roster

Giovanni Fazio, Harvard University, USA (Chair)
Angie Bukley, The Aerospace Corporation, USA (Vice-Chair)

Patrick Cohendet, HEC Montréal, Canada
Gerhard Haerendel, Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany
Siamak Khorram, UC Berkeley, USA
Vern Singhroy, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Canada
Kazuya Yoshida, Tohoku University, Japan