Buzz ssp16Chancellor: Dr. ‘Buzz’ Aldrin

After engineering studies Buzz Aldrin joined the Airforce as a pilot.
Later he earned a doctorate at MIT.
After being selected by NASA as astronaut, he was involved in Gemini missions and in particular in EVA experiments.
Evidently Buzz Aldrin became most famous during the Apollo 11 flight as one of the first Moonwalkers.


PE ISUVice-Chancellor: Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund

Prof. Dr. Ehrenfreund studied astronomy and microbiology in Austria, obtained a PhD in astrophysics in France and a master’s degree in management in USA, hence can clearly be considered as a true internationalist. She has been both professor in astrobiology at Dutch Universities as well as professor in space policy at the George Washington University in USA. As a scientist she was involved in several astrobiology experiments as Principal Investigator, but also in space policy work, such as chairing the COSPAR Panel on Exploration, PEX. After being chair of the Austrian Science Fund, she was nominated in 2015 as Chair of the Executive Board at DLR, the German Aerospace Center, being the first woman ever leading the Agency.