ISU Concurrent Design Facility

cdf isuConcurrent Design Engineering has been a leading method for conducting Phase 0 and Phase A studies in the Space Industry for decades. The European Space Agency first established a Concurrent Design Facility at the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) in 1998 where it was used to study more than 80 potential space missions, 3 space launched concepts, and 5 ISS experiments.
In 2008 this CDF facility was generously donated by ESA to the ISU in order to make way for a larger facility at ESTEC. The CDF has been in operation at ISU ever since as an educational facility.


At ISU the CDF serves as an indispensable teaching tool for students to learn about the concurrent design process, space mission design and systems engineering. During its time at ISU, students have used the CDF facility to design over 35 different space mission concepts, primarily telecommunications and remote sensing satellites.

Between CDF runs students use the CDF as a collaborative working room for their team projects and the CDF has played a role in the generation of 14 different white papers on topics relating to the space industry.  

In 2015 the ISU CDF has been upgraded with high tech motion capture projectors, new computers, and double the number of work stations which will greatly expand the educational potential of the facility.