Funding & Scholarships

The International Space University is provided funding from industry and government agencies to help support students who are unable to cover all of their tuition fees. This aid is available to selected applicants, and covers a portion of their fees. It is paid directly to ISU by the sponsoring organization.

This financial aid is available for:

- applicants from Europe (the countries listed below have priority*)
- applicants from the United States and Canada 
- applicants from developing countries
- applicants from other countries (within the limits of funds available)

(*Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)

Financial aid is granted on the basis of:
- academic and professional merit
- demonstrated efforts in personal fund-raising
- demonstrated financial need

Applicants for the MSS program 2015-2016 should apply online on the ISU website by 15 March 2015 if they are in need of financial aid, and by 30 June 2015 otherwise.

Applicants for the SSP15 program should apply by 31 March 2015 (except for applicants living in the USA, who can apply until 30 April 2015).

Financial aid will be awarded within the limits of funds available, so early applications are highly recommended. Please note that the relevant box on the Confidential Financial Information form of the application must be checked. It is recommended that candidates make a personal effort to raise funds enabling them to attend the program. Such initiatives are taken into consideration when ISU allocates funding.

When submitting your application to ISU, please don't forget to attach your resume. Your resume may be given by ISU Staff Members to sponsors. However, ISU will not give its sponsors contact information, but will try its best to match applicant's profiles to sponsor requirements.

The ISU Funding Committee, which includes both faculty and Sponsors, awards funding to applicants whose career goals appear to stand to gain substantial benefit from the ISU MSc programs.
Funding is given for help towards tuition fees only.

ISU does not assist with living expenses for the MSc, or travel expenses for any of the programs.


You will find below the list of partners who have supported ISU students for many years. Please note that unless specified otherwise, you should go through ISU when applying for scholarships and not directly to the sponsors.






AAS Scholarship available for SSP, MSS and MSM: $10,000 (limited to US citizens, with preference given to AAS and SEDS-USA members). Apply directly to AAS

Scholarship available for MSc applicants. Limited to Canada citizens and Canadian residents. Application directly to ISU.


Cains Associates of the Isle of Mans offers the Cains Prize of US$ 5000 to be credited toward tuition for an applicant coming from a legal background. MSc programs applicants only.


 jaxa logo JAXA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Scholarships available for SSP and MSc programs (Japanese applicants only).
More information
 NASA Academy Logo Scholarships available - 9000 € for SSP and 12500 € for either MSS or MSM (limited to NASA Academy alumni).  No further application needed for this category. Applicant should indicate NASA Academy alumni status on ISU application.

SES will award one full scholarship or two half-scholarships based on the merits of the applications received.

The SES scholarship is available to MSc programs applicants. Interested applicants should discuss in the Essay portion of their application, not only why they want to attend an ISU program, but also their interest in the SES scholarship.

To be eligible for this scholarship, one must:

- have submitted his or her application within the ISU prescribed deadlines;
- be accepted to one of the ISU MSc programs.

UKSA Total of 35,000 Euros available for UK applicants for MSc and SSP
 CG67regionStrasbourg eu

Partial MSc scholarship available for applicant(s) from Alsace, or holding a degree from an Alsatian university. No further application needed for this category. Applicants should just indicate Alsatian University Graduate on ISU application.


inmarsat logo


Thanks to a great support from Inmarsat (and in view of increasing their staff in the London office), a full scholarship for the ISU Master program is now available for the academic year 2014-2015.

- Eligibility criteria: to have studied in the UK and to hold a Bachelor’s degree (in any field) at the start of the ISU Master in September
- Applicants interested in this opportunity should fill an application as soon as possible at and send a pdf copy of their transcripts and two letters of recommendation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Any questions about the ISU Master and/or the scholarship can be addressed by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at + 33 3 88 65 54 39
- A short-list of candidates will be submitted to Inmarsat for final selection
- The internship period, which is an integral part of the program, will take place at Inmarsat
Applications are due before 31 July 2014 in order to allow for a selection.