From the Dean

bukley deanISU has built a stellar reputation on the strength of its interdisciplinary academic programs. Indeed, the heart and soul of the university are the ISU faculty and the array of academic offerings, which address a broad range of training and educational needs of those working in the space sector and related enterprises. The demographics of our clientele are just as far ranging, comprising young graduates to seasoned professionals. And just last year, ISU opened the door for undergraduates through the new five-week Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Studies Program, offered in partnership with the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

Whether the requirement is a three- to five-day intensive space course aimed at executives or a full fledged masters experience designed for graduate students, ISU has a program in our stable of offerings that will fit most any space education requirement. The ISU programs are highly interdisciplinary with a strong hands-on experiential learning component and are offered in an international intercultural environment. Academic excellence is stressed at all levels, preparing our alumni to succeed in the extremely dynamic and challenging fields of space exploration and utilization.

ISU provides our students and participants with a unique skill set, placing emphasis on understanding the “big picture” as well as providing an appreciation of the details of the various subject matter elements that are important and relevant to space endeavors. Successful spacecraft design requires the integration of structures, mechanisms, thermal controls, electronics, communications, data processing, power, and attitude and orbital control systems and orchestration of their various functions. ISU alumni success results from artfully weaving together the threads of space science, engineering, management and business, space applications, life sciences, law and policy, and humanities into a rich and complex interdisciplinary tapestry.

Academic excellence and rigor are crucial to the success of our academic programs. With the sage advice of the ISU Academic Council and steady direction of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Board of Trustees, ISU programs are continually improved and enhanced to ensure that the content is up-to-date, highly relevant, and delivered consistent with best pedagogical practice. As a result, our programs are recognized world wide, with academic credits awarded from a number of ranking universities around the planet. Our goal is to continue to provide an academic experience of the highest quality. The success of ISU is easily measured by the number of ISU alumni who are successfully working and holding highly ranked positions in the space sector.

We look forward to welcoming you into one of our programs soon, be it at our Central Campus in Strasbourg, or in one of our globetrotting academic offerings somewhere else on the planet.

Prof. Angie Bukley
ISU Dean