Host Site Application Process

SSP Request for Proposals

The SSP Request for Proposals (RFP) can be downloaded using the link below. This RFP supersedes the August 2016 version and should be used for any proposal submitted for SSP 2020 or after. The proposal cover page as well as the SSP Lodging and Meals estimating spreadsheet should also be used when submitting a proposal. Any questions regarding the RFP should be submitted via this contact form.

Request for Proposals - International Space University Space Studies Program Host Site

ISU SSP Proposal Cover Page

Lodging and Meals Estimator

Project Plan Spreadsheet

SSP Host Site Guide

The International Space University will be seeking interested organizations to host its future Space Studies Programs. If your organization is interested in hosting a future Space Studies Program, please download the "SSP Host Site Guide" by clicking on the link below, and continue to check this site for future Request For Proposals (RFPs). ISU typically releases its host site RFP in late summer.
SUSPENSE DATES for Future SSP Host Site Proposals

- Letter of Interest: September 22nd 2017
- Full Proposal: November 15th 2017

Regarding the Letter of Interest, we simply need a letter addressed to the SSP Director that contains the following information:

1) Name and address of the institution(s) from which the proposal will come with the lead institution identified if more than one;

2) A statement that the institution(s) is (are) interested in hosting the SSP and a proposal will be submitted;

3) The name of the primary point of contact, their e-mail address, and phone number;

4) Signature of the President, Provost, Rector, Vice Chancellor, or a Vice President/equivalent of the lead institution that will be submitting the proposal. Letters of support from partner institutions are also welcomed, but not required in this phase of the process.

Letters of Interest are to be submitted electronically in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., SSP Director.