MSS Year B (optional)

MSS Year B consists of a single module:
• M14-THP Thesis Project (45 ECTS)

Taking MSS Year B is not an automatic right of all students taking MSS Year A. Eligibility for MSS Year B is assessed during Year A. Subject also to a suitable Thesis Project being approved, successful candidates may then transfer to the two-year program. Thesis Projects may take place at ISU’s Strasbourg Central Campus or at other institutions/organizations as appropriate.

MSS Year B can be completed in full-time mode over seven months or in part-time mode over a longer period within a maximum of seven years from the start of MSS Year A.

The aims of M14-THP are:
1. To enhance students’ individual knowledge in a given area of intellectual enquiry significantly above its initial level.
2. To develop students’ individual research, design, development, problem solving, communication, organizational and project management skills.
3. To allow students to apply the knowledge gained in the first year of the MSS and apply relevant principles in a multidisciplinary context.
4. To refine students’ communication skills in a variety of forms, e.g. oral presentations, written reports, graphically, etc.