MSS Year A Core and Practice Module Aims

M1-ITS Introduction to Space
1. To introduce students to the fundamental MSS disciplines and build a firm foundation for interdisciplinary study in subsequent modules.
2. To develop students’ transferable skills, including intercultural awareness, time management, team working, written communication and oral presentations.

M2-Interdisciplinary Space Studies
1. To extend students’ knowledge of the MSS disciplines and enhance their understanding of the interdisciplinary links between them.
2. To demonstrate the integrated and interdisciplinary nature of space activities.

M3-TPR 3I Team Project
1. To provide students with experience in interdisciplinary, intercultural and international (3I) teamwork.
2. To develop in students the relevant skills (e.g., research, problem-solving, design, communication, organizational and project management) required to perform a significant 3I project in a 3I team environment.
3. To allow students to engage with and apply principles learned elsewhere in the course and apply them in a 3I context.

See for accessing executive summaries and Team Projects in pdf. The list of past Team Projects can be found HERE. All executive summaries and full reports are available in pdf.

M4-IPR Individual Project
1. To provide students with experience of performing a significant individual piece of investigative work characterized by a requirement for independent initiative, self-organisation and critical thinking.
2. To develop in students a professional level of communication (orally, graphically and in writing)
3. To encourage students to explore the current limits of knowledge and demonstrate originality and creativity.

M5-INT Internship
1. To allow students to apply their knowledge and skills to on-going activity in a real-world space context.
2. To provide students with the opportunity to establish professional links within the global space community.