Faculty and Lecturers

A significant part of the ISU academic programs are delivered by resident faculty who provide teaching and advisory support to all ISU programs and activities. A number of the ISU Faculty not resident at ISU are involved in supporting the MSS as visiting lecturers or as mentors for students during their internships.

welchDirector, Master’s Program
Prof. Chris Welch (UK)
Full Professor, Space Engineering

PhD Spacecraft Engineering, Cranfield University, MSc Experimental Space Physics, University of Leicester, BSc (Hons) Physics, Cardiff University. Current research interest in space propulsion, microgravity science and planetary exploration. Professional memberships include Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Board member of several space-related organizations. Extensive media experience. Significant track record in both space education and outreach (recipient of the 2009 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Space Education and 2015 IAF Distinguished Service Award) and higher education.

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Visiting Lecturers

In addition to resident faculty, courses are delivered by a number of invited lecturers drawn from the academic, government and industry sectors from around the world. Recent lecturers have included :

Philippe Achilleas*, IDEST, Université Paris-Sud, France
Raul Alarcon, ESA - ESTEC, Netherlands
Audrey Allison**, The Boeing Company, USA
Jacques Arnould, CNES - Headquarters, France
Laurent Bach, Université de Strasbourg, France
Tibor Balint, Royal College of Art, School of Design, London, UK
Igor Belokonov, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia
Nelly Ben Hayoun, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studio Ltd., United Kingdom
Rudolf Benz, Astrium GmbH - Friedrichshafen, Germany
Hagen Betzwieser, Consultant, Germany
Torsten Bieler, ESA - ESTEC, Netherlands
Chris Bridges, University of Surrey, UK
Andrew Browne, O3b Networks, Netherlands
Abigail Calzada-Diaz, ESPI, Austria
Filippo Castrucci, DLR-ESA, Germany
Ed Chester*, Systemlevel, UK
Francis Chizea**, NASRDA - National Space Research and Development Agency, Nigeria
Stephen Clandillon, SERTIT - Service Régional de Traitement de l’Image et de Télédétection, France
Malcom Claus, Kingston University, UK
Gilles Clement*, INSERM U1028 - Impact Team, Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, France
Philippe Clerc, CNES - Headquarters, France
James Dator*, Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies, USA
Juan de Dalmau*, ESA-ESTEC, Netherlands
Andreas Dippelhofer, AZO-Space of Innovation, Germany
Frits de Jong, EAC, Germany
William Dempster, Global Ecotechnics Corporation, USA
Emmanouil Detsis**, ESF - European Science Foundation, France
Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA HQ (Ret.), France
Niamh Downing, Falmouth University, UK
Isabelle Duvaux-Bechon, ESA HQ, France
Fabian Eilingsfeld, PRICE Systems Ltd. Deutschland, Germany
Adrian Eilingsfeld, MSS2014 alumnus, Germany
Peter Elson, JLT Specialty Limited, UK
Stuart Eves, Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom
Reinhold Ewald, EAC, Germany
Benoit Famaey, Observatoire de Strasbourg, France
André Farand**, ESA HQ, France
Stefano Fiorilli*, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Bernard Foing, ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands
Klaus Fuchs, Fuchs management training, Germany
Jorge Garcia, Consultant, Spain
Koen Geurts, DLR – Cologne, Germany
Andrea Gini, Space Safety Magazine, Netherlands
Adrianos Golemis, MSS2013 alumnus, Greece
Alice Gorman, Flinders University, Australia
Caroline Grégoire, Météo France, France
Jelena Gucevic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Marco Guglielmi, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
Paul Guthrie, The Tauri Group, USA
Melissa Guzman, NASA Ames, USA
Martina Heer, Consultant, Germany
Christine Hellweg, DLR, Germany
Ruth Hemmersbach, DLR, Germany
Georg Herdrich, IRS – Institut für Raumfahrtesysteme, Germany
Jeffrey Hoffman*, MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Ken Hollings, Consultant, UK
Jutta Huebner, ESA - ESOC, Germany
Abigail Hutty, Airbus Defence and Space, UK
Barbara Imhof, Liquifer, Austria
Marcello Ingrassia**, Freelance Trainer and Consultant, Italy
David Iron, Lunar Missions Trust, United Kingdom
Radomir Jansky, European Commission, Belgium
Rüdiger Jehn*, ESA - ESOC, Germany
Gilbert Kirkham, US Embassy - France, France
Otto Koudelka**, Technical University Graz, Austria
Jörg Kreisel, Jörg Kreisel International Consultant (JKIC), Germany
Rene Laufer, Baylor University, USA
Kathy Laurini, NASA Johnson Space Center, USA
Pierre Lionnet, Eurospace, France
John Logsdon*, George Washington University, Space Policy Institute, USA
Bernd Madauss*, Project Management Team MADAUSS, Germany
Michael Madsen, Studio Michael Madsen, Denmark
Chiara Manfletti, ESA HQ, France
Gary Martin*, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Nigel Mason, OBE, The Open University, United Kingdom
Victoria Mayorova, Bauman University, Russia
Mark McCaughrean, ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands
Ioannis Michaloudis, The Kingdom University (Bahrain), Bahrain
Doug Millard, Science Museum, UK
Aleksandra Mir, London, United Kingdom
Zeina Mounzer, Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Michaela Musilova, Mission Control Space Services Inc. , USA
Sue Nelson, Boffin Media, UK
Jennifer Ngo-Anh, ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands
Minna Nygren, Consultant, UK
Sumanta Pal, Triangle Venture Capital Group GmbH, Germany
Bob Parkinson, Consultant, UK
Xavier Pasco, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique, France
Yvonne Pecena, DLR, Germany
Michel Perdu, M.PER-CONSULT, France
Daniela Petrova, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, United Kingdom
Serge Plattard, ESPI, Austria
Alastair Reynolds, Writer, UK
Laurence Roche-Nye, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre, La Défense, France
Claude Rousseau**, Northern Sky Research, France
Michael Rycroft*, CAESAR Consultancy, United Kingdom
Noah Saks, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany
Jörg Schröter, ESA - ESTEC, Netherlands
Kai-Uwe Schrogl, ESA HQ, France
Susanne Schwenzer, The Open University, United Kingdom
Ruediger Seine, EAC, Germany
Antonella Sgambati, OHB System AG, Germany
Bob Shishko**, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratorym USA
Vern Singhroy*, Canadian Center for Remote Sensing, Canada
Mark Skinner, The Boeing Company, USA
Lesley Jane Smith, Solicitor and Notary Public, Germany
Christian Stenzel, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany
Christopher Stott*, ManSat, USA
Matthias Studer, SERTIT - Service Régional de Traitement de l’Image et de Télédétection, France
Gongling Sun, CASC - European Office, France
Su-Yin Tan*, University of Waterloo, Canada
Victor Taratukhin, SET/SAP University Alliances, Germany
Robert Thirsk**, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canada
Nikolai Tolyarenko*, ISU - International Space University, France
Motoko Uchitomi, JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
Diego Urbina, Space Applications Services, Belgium
Nadjejda Vicente, Consultant, Spain
Alain Wagner*, Airbus Defence and Space, France
Nicolas Walter, ESF - European Science Foundation, France
Juergen Wenzel, DLR, Germany
Pete Worden, NASA Ames (Ret.), USA
Kazuya Yoshida*, Tohoku University, Japan
Olga Zhdanovich*, MODIS, The Netherlands
Cornelius Zund, Airbus Defence and Space, France

*  ISU Faculty            ** ISU Adjunct Faculty