Faculty and Lecturers

A significant part of the ISU academic programs are delivered by resident faculty who provide teaching and advisory support to all ISU programs and activities. A number of the ISU Faculty not resident at ISU are involved in supporting the MSS as visiting lecturers or as mentors for students during their internships.

welchDirector, Master’s Program
Prof. Chris Welch (UK)
Full Professor, Space Engineering

PhD Spacecraft Engineering, Cranfield University, MSc Experimental Space Physics, University of Leicester, BSc (Hons) Physics, Cardiff University. Current research interest in space propulsion, microgravity science and planetary exploration. Professional memberships include Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Board member of several space-related organizations. Extensive media experience. Significant track record in both space education and outreach (recipient of the 2009 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Space Education and 2015 IAF Distinguished Service Award) and higher education.

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Visiting Lecturers

In addition to resident faculty, courses are delivered by a number of invited lecturers drawn from the academic, government and industry sectors from around the world. Recent lecturers have included :

Philippe Clerc, CNES
Pierre Scheidecker, consultant
Reinhold Ewald, ESA
Rene Laufer, Baylor University
Rudiger Jehn, ESA
Serge Plattard, University College London
Stefano Fiorilli, ESA
Stephen Clandillon, University of Strasbourg
Stuart Eves, British interplanetary society
Torsten Bieler, ESA-ESTEC
Vernon Singhroy, consultant
Claude Rousseau, NSR
Joerg Kreisel, Jorg Kreisel International Consultant
Sumanta Pal, FunderNation GmbH
Antonella Sgambati, OHB - System GmbH
Chris McKay, NASA
Michaela Musilova, Slovak Organisation for Space Activities
Zeina Mounzer, Telespazio VEGA
Caroline Grégoire, MeteoFR
Sue Nelson, consultant
Jean-Jacques Dordain, CNES
Rudiger Seine, ESA
Juergen Wenzel, DLR
Ken Hollings, consultant
Martina Heer, consultant
Mark McCaughrean, ESA
Jennifer Ngo-Anh, ESA-ESTEC
Yvonne Pecena, DLR
Frits de Jong, ESA
Filipo Castrucci, ESA-EAC
Chiara Manfletti, ESA
Alastair Reynolds, consultant
Christine Hellweg, DLR
Igor Belokonov, Samara State Aerospace University
Detrell Gisela, University of Stuttgart
Jens Hauslage, DLR
Francis Kurz, Algae Natural Food
Jerome Maxant, University of Strasbourg
Joseph Gale, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Nigel Mason, The Open University
Melissa Guzman, LATMOS - MSS Alumna
Eden Volohonsky, consultant
John Zarnecki, The Open University
Foster Griffin, University of Oxford
Lahav Ofer, UCL University
Pascale Ehrenfreund, DLR
Peter Platzer, Spire
Holger Marschner, Frankfurt University
Gerhard Thiele, astronaut
Insa Thiele-Eich, independent
Aoife van Linden Tol, independent
Kiwanga Kapwani, independent
Davide Masutti, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Kinoshita Yoshiaki,  JAXA
Timothy Tawney, NASA
Pierre Brunner, ESA
Annalisa Dominoni, Politecnico di Milano
Benedetto Quaquaro, Politecnico di Milano
Julian Harrod, ESA
Thomas Berger, DLR
Valery Komissarov, Skolkovo Foundation
Lesley-Jame Smith, consultant
Georges Schmit, Government of Luxembourg
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, consultant
Kathryn Denning, University of York
Laurent Challoy, ESA-ESTEC
Gary Martin, Government of Luxembourg
Marie Lucy Stojak, HEC
Sun-Yi Tan, University of Waterloo
Angie Bukley, The Aerospace Corporation
Vukan Ogrizovic, Belgrade University
Claudia Stern, DLR
Luisa Wagner, AZO Space
Antonio Fortunato, ESA
Laurent Bach, University of Strasbourg
Robert Shishko, NASA
Marianne Mader, Canadian association of science centers
Alexandru Bartos, consultant
Sergi Vaquer, ESA-EAC
Jean Daniel Teste, French army
Robert Gevargiz, MSS17 Alumnus
Violetta Kuvaeva, SES