Executive Space Course, Seattle, USA

The course, taught in English, aims to:

• Introduce participants to sector specific and global space initiatives to help you develop a basic understanding of different facets of the space sector.
• Explain core engineering and technical concepts and relate them back to business objectives.
• Deliver a greater understanding of the industry challenges and opportunities.
• Provide insight into the traditional space markets (telecom, navigation, earth observation…) as well as the new and growing, commercial sector.

For more information on the program, click here to dowload the 2018 brochure.


You will leave the course with knowledge and skills to empower you to enter the space sector in a meaningful way, or increase your aptitude and effectiveness in your current role. This course will give you confidence to work with industry professionals on a new level with you increase understanding of the science and tech jargon you need to interface with your greater team.   

A week of intense programming will expose you to the interdisciplinary, international and intercultural learning environment of the International Space University and the space sector. Notable industry professionals will conduct lectures and experiential learning with workshops and case studies, proving you an informed glimpse into the industry. You and your classmates will be challenged with a project encapsulating all major aspects learned during the week when you apply your recently acquired skills to real business cases.